Texas Infomedia

Tower Services

Safe, reliable tower installations

Whether you are building a new tower, adding sections to an existing tower, or installing equipment; Texas Info Media has the experience to perform tower work safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Texas Info Media employs certified tower climbers, and experienced ground crews, to ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation, and stocks quality, compliant tower components and tower-mounted equipment to ensure trouble free operation of your tower mounted equipment.

Tower services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • New Tower Installation
  • Tower repairs
  • Stabilizer and Guy Wire installation
  • Tower mounted equipment installation
  • Tower extension
  • Residential and Commercial installations

Bridging Long Distances

Putting multiple buildings on the same network can be a challenge. And as the distance between those buildings increases, so does the difficulty.

Texas Info Media has the experience and tools needed to meet those challenges. With radio-bridges locations at any distance from 100 yards, too 10 miles, and beyond, can be linked together.

With Texas Info Media, connecting to your office computers miles away, or just getting Internet service to every building and barn on your property, can be as easy connecting to the next room.

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