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Connecting Everything

The Internet has become an important part of both our work and play. Computers and smart TV's are just the tip of the iceberg of connected devices in our homes. Texas Info Media has the skills and equipment to install your home network and have it perform it's best.

New Construction and Retroffiting

While the best time to install network cables is during the initial construction, it is never too late to add a fully modern network into your home.

Home WiFi

Whether you are connecting just a few room with a single router, or connecting together multiple buildings with their own networks and WiFi extenders; Texas Info Media can ensure that you have a strong signal in your entire home and property.

Bridging Long Distances

Putting multiple buildings on the same network can be a challenge. And as the distance between those buildings increases, so does the difficulty.

Texas Info Media has the experience and tools needed to meet those challenges. With radio-bridges locations at any distance from 100 yards, too 10 miles, and beyond, can be linked together.

With Texas Info Media, connecting to your office computers miles away, or just getting Internet service to every building and barn on your property, can be as easy connecting to the next room.

Cell Service Boosters

Many construction techniques, such as steel building, can block cell phone signals; resulting in poor signal, or complete loss of service inside. Perhaps all or part of your property is in a 'radio shadow' and doesn't receive any signal at all.

Texas Info Media is prepared to solve both of these problems. Installing a cellular bridge will bring full-strength signal inside homes who's construction blocks the signal, and repeaters can relay a strong signal into an area that needs reception.

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