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Is Electromagnetic Radiation Harmful to Human Health?

The controversy regarding the health effects of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) especially in the microwave frequencies (gigahertz or GHz) is not lost on Texas Info Media. We do install devices that will transmit microwave energy between 2.4 and 5.0 GHz, common frequencies for cell phones and wireless devices.

This is a complicated subject and it will not be dismissed from any lack of concern on our part. There is scientific evidence supporting both short term safety and long term harm to human health.

The Basics

Electromagnetic Waves from a wireless transmitter antenna have three parameters: power, frequency and phase. Power is the amount of force a wave is released from an antenna, frequency is how fast the wave vibrates and phase is relative displacement between or among waves having the same frequencies.

The health controversy surrounds power and frequency. The federal government only evaluates one parameter which is the direct tissue heating effects of EMR power over a specific time. Other scientists have shown harmful frequency effects.

Our Use of Wireless Technology

When Texas Info Media installs wireless access points (WAPs) we select the lowest power rating that allows the best download speed. The maximum power per unit is around 22 dBm or 0.16 watts. WAPs are always on. As a comparison, cell phones transmit about 0.25 – 3.0 Watts of power depending on several factors. Furthermore, wireless devices that connect to WAPs also transmit microwaves and these effects and the exterior presence of cell phone towers or MIMO (5G) transmitters must be taken into account in the client’s evaluation of the relative safety or harm of these wireless devices. Cell phone boosters and wireless routers fall within the same category as do receivers with Bluetooth, HEOS or Sonos technology. Cell phone boosters and wireless routers are always on.


Because no long term exposure studies have been done on humans, Texas Info Media cannot say that wireless exposure over any period of time is absolutely safe, particularly for children or during pregnancy. The client understands that Texas Info Media is not responsible for any harm caused by any wireless device installed at the client’s request.


We believe the client should investigate the controversy and decide if concern is warranted.


If you have a reasonable concern for your family’s health regarding wireless exposure, Texas Info Media will help. We already provide hard-wired services for most of our commercial customers either during new construction or remodel of an existing structure. These same techniques are applied for home use. Possible wireless hazard is replaced by hard-wired ports – as many as seems reasonable in accessible locations you choose. Each port is a different pathway to the Internet gateway, allowing as many different users as there are ports available. In this sense, it provides the same function as wireless. This technique is recommended for low emission laptop computers that has a data port.

There has been concern expressed over the radiation exposure from desktop computers. Texas Info Media will convert your desk top computer into a server and isolate the unit in a well ventilated shielded location. We then transport all functions (Keyboard, Mouse and Display) to as many locations you desire though a hardwired connection. Each outlet location becomes a work station. We can also provide commercial servers for those interested.

Modern televisions with hardwired Toslink (fiber) connections work well with compatible receivers allowing the television to be played directly through the 5.1 – 7.2 audio systems. While using a smart phone to control your home wireless devices is convenient, the same may be accomplished with a single universal remote using IR (infrared) signaling instead of wireless. A hardwired telephone or a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) connection will also reduce wireless exposure in the home.

Those whose homes have a “Barndominium” design have already taken a giant step towards reducing EMR in the home. Metal skins, properly grounded, provide excellent shielding from EMR. For doors and windows, EMR reducing paints and curtain fabrics also help.

Truth is we can never escape EMR when away from home, but it is possible to reduce the exposure while there, particularly in the sleeping areas where most time is spent. Although these solutions are not as convenient as wireless, it does provide a reasonable alternative given a client’s concerns about the possible dangers of EMR.

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