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Texas Info Media (TIM) is an informational technology provider serving a wide variety of technological needs. TIM has been providing high tech services for over 18 years. In addition to extensive industry experience, we also hold the industries best certifications through CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design & Installation Association) and numerous quality manufacturers. We also provide top of the line manufacturer’s products and have the best industry partners including suppliers, satellite, design, consultation and custom programming services in the business.

What sets us apart is our customer service and the personalized manner in which we handle all projects.

Jonathan took over helm in 2018 after being with Texas Info Media for over 6 years. He is CEDIA qualified technician, is a certified climber, and is a general aviation pilot. He has been in the business electronics field his entire life.

Jon’s father, “Sam” is the Radio Control Operator of the family. If you hear Kilo India 5 Hotel Lima Kilo (KI5HLK) over the airwaves, say Howdy! to Sam the Ham. Sam helps with the Ham particulars, as well as some of the day to day activity.

Like our personal interest in Ham radio, we also share the same interest in solar power. Jon’s very comfortable house has been powered by an off-grid system of his own design for 8 years, while Sam’s is a grid-tie system in full operation for 5 years. We believe in solar and live our belief.

Feel free to browse our extensive array of services. If you do not see a way we might help you with your next project, give us a call and let’s talk it over.

Jon and Sam


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