A luxury home theater makes the perfect addition to any home. That said, how do you begin the planning process. The reality is that figuring out the lighting, video display, and audio setup can be anything but easy. Not to mention, there’s also the room itself. Will new furniture or other major components will be needed to pull everything together?

Here is our guide to having the luxury home theater of your dreams:

  1. Figure out the room – At Texas Info Media, we’ve provided professional home theater installation in rooms of all sizes, designing and installing to transform any room into a fully functional theater/media room. So don’t let size deter you from enjoying luxury home cinema. It is important, however, to consider the lighting options. Keep in mind that ambient light from electronics can lead to glare. Next, you will want to take flooring into account. If the room contains hardwood floors, the sound from your system may not be that crisp and result in echoes. Carpeted floors, on the other hand, may be the better choice. Finally, it’s imperative to nail down the seating arrangements. You want to have the most comfortable visual experience, which is why calling a professional is a must.
  2. Select a video display device – If you’re investing time and money into high end home theater systems, then you will definitely want to splurge on a top-of-the-line home audio and video system. Texas Info Media carries systems from only the top manufacturers so that customers can enjoy the highest quality. Remember that the actual size of your room will determine the size of the screen that can be accommodated.
  3. Take care of the audio – Video display definitely takes up a good chunk of the luxury home theater installation, but audio has just as much importance. For incredible sound that truly rivals movie theater quality, you need the installation done the right way. At Texas Info Media, we can easily handle whole-house audio, commercial audio, and other audio setup. Our team sees audio as absolutely essential to the best home theatre systems in the world, which is why we pay attention to details, consistently communicate, and follow up for years to come. The staff at Texas Info Media is certified through the Imaging Science Foundation.
  4. Source components – In the past, it may have been challenging at times to sync home theaters with CD players, DVD players, and VCR’s. Today, though, the setup is easier. Do you want to binge watch your favorite shows or movies from Netflix? Texas Info Media can easily sync your Internet and satellite programming to your system. You can feel comfortable knowing that we are backed by the highest industry certification through CEDIA, so you can be confident knowing that we are among a select group of industry achievers.    
  5. Control options – At this point in the process, everything is starting to come together. But now you have to tackle the dreaded control options. For years, homeowners were tasked with having to switch between multiple remotes for their luxury home theater. Texas Info Media takes the stress out of the technical aspect. With one-touch control, you and your loved ones can enjoy complete ease of use and automation. Say goodbye to being overwhelmed with multiple remote controls.

The Best Home Theater Setup from Texas Info Media

We want to bring a beautiful, custom high-end theater to your home! For nearly two decades, Texas Info Media has been providing outstanding luxury home theaters. While we are based in Texas, we are proud to serve clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our staff constantly takes on residential and commercial projects in new construction, remodeling, and retrofit.

Other services we provide:

  • Digital signage – As you can see here, digital signage involves the use of modern display panels, digital content, and Internet technology to deploy a network of rich media signs as a replacement to print signs. With digital signage, you can easily deliver dynamic advertising and communications at out-of-home spots.
  • Structured cabling – In need of a more organized method to house your Internet, phone, and audio/video connections? We use structured cabling to provide connection color coding, along with provided documentation to make future changes a snap.
  • Security services – Keep your family safe with an elite security system from Terrell Alarm Systems. For more information about these systems, read our previous post.

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